In 2016 545 NCN citizens between the ages of 18-36 entered the screening process at the Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre (ATEC) of Excellence utilizing its Intake Education Training Pathway (IETP). Of this group  it was found that 170 youth wanted to get into the trades. 

 As of Jan 2019 55 Youth will have gone through the ATEC's IETP. The students to date have done numerous renovations and 6 home builds. Assisted in 1 commercial building. They are currently building the expansion of ATEC used as an training laboratory to build innovative solar homes. They completed a solar 4 plex and are building a solar 8 plex for Health Canada.  

First Nation MoU with YouthBuild International


 Shortly after the screening process ATEC became an official site of YouthBuild in Canada by signing an MoU with YouthBuild International in October 2016 with Peter Twitchell of YBI and Jim Moore of NCN ATEC.

Local NCN stats


Before the program started the Social Assistance program paid them $311.00/month on Social Assistance (SA) x 12 months = $3732.00  which contributed to the local NCN economy.

55 students x $311.00/month = $205,260.00 contributed to NCN.

The Same 55 students paid Manitoba Apprenticeship rates is $19.26 = $2,203,344.00 Return on Investment to NCN economy. 

Today approximately 35 have worked over 67,200 hours and students were paid apprenticeship rates have contributed roughly  $1,592,500.00 back to the local economy which is an increase of 1219%. 

Where we came from


 January the social enterprise will have 55 students that will be building homes in the community contributing over 2M to the local economy keeping true to NCN's strategic plan on p.50 "Hire local labour!" A great vision. 

Where we are going


Nisichawayasihk Indigenous Clean Energy (NICE) projects

The NICE projects are dedicated to promoting an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs for our residential and commercial needs. 

How we are going to get there


Continued support from local provincial national and international governments, corporations philanthropists and foundations.