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A new Errol Black Chair report released today examines how events are unfolding in Churchill and The Pas. It puts these events in the context of the entire Northern region and urges government to consider the needs and aspirations of Manitoba's Northerners when considering the best way to help. 


Alvin Moore is a level 2 carpenter finishing up his level 3 technical training. He has been involved in 6 house builds numerous renovations and commercial builds within the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation.

 Trent Linklater is 23 years old and has completed his level 1 carpenter and is currently working on an energy efficient solar 8 plex for the local Medicine Lodge.   

Matthew Spence lives in NCN and is a Level 2 carpenter and is finishing off his level 3 technical training. He will be done in March 2019 and will continue finishing the commercial solar 8 plex. 

Jacqueline Hunter works for ATEC and the students at Pewapun Construction Ltd., to assist with there personal and professional development utilizing mind full based training in the social readiness portion of the Intake Education Training Pathway (IETP).

Dennis Hobden is a Red Seal Carpenter and is an instructor for the integrated trades students teaching level 1 technical training at the Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre for employment with Pewapun Construction Ltd.,

Jody Linklater is the Project Manager of Pewapun Construction Ltd., and works closely with the Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre of Excellence (ATEC). Pewapun hires the students that get the education and employs them in building energy efficient solar homes called the Nisichawayasihk Indigenous Clean Energy or (NICE) projects.