Mission and Vision


 Mission: Pewapun is a social enterprise that creates sustainable livelihoods for Not Employed, Educated or Trained (NEET) Indigenous peoples through education and embedding them into employment opportunities.

Vision: Pewapun's vision is to create viable sustainable communities and livelihoods for indigenous peoples, through training, education, employment and self employment opportunities. 

Pewapun Construction Ltd., is the sister company of the Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre of Excellence (ATEC), which utilizes the YouthBuild International principles as a social enterprise.

ATEC is the not-for-profit centre of excellence which is a labour market intermediary incorporating training into employment initiatives. ATEC's Intake Education to Training Pathway (IETP) is a distinct approach at the grassroots level that incorporates a social job readiness program and indigenizes curriculum to assist individuals on their educational journey to success. 

Our Purpose


Pewapun Construction Ltd., is committed to upholding the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) vision, "to exercise sovereignty that sustains a prosperous socio-economic future for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation."

On page 50 of NCN’s strategic plan: Sections; G,H and L talk about alternative energy, tripartite agreements and building homes that develop the NCN economy by hiring local labour. The strategic plan states that it is “designed to reflect the aspirations of the NCN community (both on- and off-reserve) and guide Chief and Council in its decision-making approach towards meeting its goals. This Plan is an expression of the NCN Citizens’ and NCN Government’s views to help guide Chief and Council and inform their priorities and intentions over the next several years.” 

Pewapun Construction Ltd., aims to implement NCN's strategic plan through the Nisichawayasihk Indigenous Clean Energy (NICE) projects.

Services Provided


  1. Building energy efficient homes. 
  2. Hiring local labour.
  3. Developing energy security and independence.
  4. Indigenizing education for our nation.

Photovoltaic's      (PV)

Battery storage   (BS)

Wind Power          (WP)

Waste to Energy  (WTE)


Nisichawayasihk Indigenous Clean Energy (NICE) Projects

Chief & Council who supported solar project
Joe, Willie, Pat, Ron, Shirley, Chief Marcel and Bonnie.

1. Solar 4 Plex 2036 sq/ft

8Kw Solar

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification

Insulated Composite Envelope (ICE) Panels

2. Expansion of Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre (ATEC) 14,112 sq/ft

50Kw solar roof mount

10Kw solar ground mount

Steel insulated Panels (SIP)

3. NCN/ATEC Solar curriculum 

First Nation in Canada to develop it.

4. Certified ICE Panel installers.

5. Solar 8 plex 6336 sq/ft

16Kw solar roof mount

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification

ICE Panel envelope

Contact ATEC

Are you currently looking for education to training opportunities?

ATEC is now in the process of acquiring 20 more trades students for the upcoming January 2019 intake. Please contact Florence Linklater at 204-484-2886 or 204-484-2114

Solar 8 Plex

Project is underway at the NCN Medicine Lodge to build a new solar energy efficient 8 Plex. 

Come on down and see our students. 

Need information?

Contact Mr. Jody Linklater at 204-978-1315 or email him at linklaterinternational@hotmail.com


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